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Monday, 13 April 2015

Piggy Bank in Crossy Road Android

Piggy Bank

How to get: To unlock: you have to purchase the Piggy Bank in the in-game store for $3.99. You cannot win it or unlock it in any other way.
Traits: The Piggy Bank adds red coins to every playthrough that are worth five gold apiece, in addition to the standard yellow coins worth one gold. These red coins will be present no matter which character you use: you don’t have to play as the Piggy Bank to collect them, you only have to have him unlocked. Having the Piggy Bank also makes every video ad you watch worth 40 coins instead of 20. The Piggy Bank runs on the standard grassy map. When he jumps, coins fly out of the coin slot on his back. He occasionally snorts softly, but mostly makes the jangly noise of raining coins.

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