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Monday, 13 April 2015

Cai Shen in Crossy Road free games

Cai Shen 

How to get: To unlock Cai Shen: play as Fortune Chicken or Xi. You need to pick up the red envelopes scattered along the ground. You’ll need to collect a total of 21 red envelopes to unlock Cai Shen. However, unlike most other requirements, these envelopes are cumulative and can be collected over multiple runs: if you play five times and collect five envelopes each time, you’ll unlock him after the fifth run.
Traits: Cai Shen runs in the same world as Fortune Chicken and shouts things in Chinese as he runs. Fun fact: Cai Shen is the Chinese god of wealth and the red envelopes you use to collect him are traditionally used to present monetary gifts.

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