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Monday, 13 April 2015

Cai Shen in Crossy Road free games

Cai Shen 

How to get: To unlock Cai Shen: play as Fortune Chicken or Xi. You need to pick up the red envelopes scattered along the ground. You’ll need to collect a total of 21 red envelopes to unlock Cai Shen. However, unlike most other requirements, these envelopes are cumulative and can be collected over multiple runs: if you play five times and collect five envelopes each time, you’ll unlock him after the fifth run.
Traits: Cai Shen runs in the same world as Fortune Chicken and shouts things in Chinese as he runs. Fun fact: Cai Shen is the Chinese god of wealth and the red envelopes you use to collect him are traditionally used to present monetary gifts.

Piggy Bank in Crossy Road Android

Piggy Bank

How to get: To unlock: you have to purchase the Piggy Bank in the in-game store for $3.99. You cannot win it or unlock it in any other way.
Traits: The Piggy Bank adds red coins to every playthrough that are worth five gold apiece, in addition to the standard yellow coins worth one gold. These red coins will be present no matter which character you use: you don’t have to play as the Piggy Bank to collect them, you only have to have him unlocked. Having the Piggy Bank also makes every video ad you watch worth 40 coins instead of 20. The Piggy Bank runs on the standard grassy map. When he jumps, coins fly out of the coin slot on his back. He occasionally snorts softly, but mostly makes the jangly noise of raining coins.

Leprechaun in Crossy Road ios


How to get: To unlock: play with any of the UK/Ireland characters and pick up the tiny, green clovers that dot the map. Most of these are normal clovers, but you’ll occasionally come across a slightly larger, four-leaf version. The four-leaf clover will make a soft “ding!” sound when picked up, while the regular version just sounds like a leaf rustling. Pick up one four-leaf clover to unlock the Leprechaun.
Traits: Leprechaun runs on the UK/Ireland-themed world described above. He is a tiny character, about 1/3 the size of other humanesque avatars, similar to Schoolgirl. On his runs, coins are highlighted with shiny bubbles floating above them, and they will bounce up and down. Rainbow arches also appear randomly on his stage. Leprechaun makes mumbly gibberish noises similar to Crazy Ol’ Ben. 

Nessy in Crossy Road Online


How to get: To unlock: play as any of the UK/Ireland-world characters. Nessy will be found randomly floating alongside the logs in a river, just like Hipster Whale. And, like Hipster Whale, to unlock her you need to jump on her back when she floats past. If you make it onto her back and die (she swims offscreen with you), you will still unlock her. You do not need to reach any specific score: she can be found at any river point in the level, but her appearance is random.
Traits: Nessy runs on the UK/Ireland-themed world described above. She makes a wet, flapping sound like Hipster Whale and Floppy Fish, with droplets of water splashing off her. She uses her long neck to check for traffic by turning her head left and right. She emits a low, growly groan every once in awhile. 

Phone Box ( Crossy Road Game )

How to get: To unlock: play with any of the UK/Ireland characters and reach about score 100. This varies, and you may not receive the option to win the Phone Box on every playthrough. Around this point, if Phone Box is available, you should enter a large grass clearing with the Phone Box in the middle of it. It will be ringing. Stand near the Phone Box for a few seconds until it stops ringing and turns to a dial tone, then move on. (Nothing visually happens, but you should still unlock it.) This is similar to how you unlock Gifty from the Christmas update.
Traits: Phone Box runs on the UK/Ireland-themed world described above. It is a red version of the Tardis from Doctor Who. It makes a heavy, mechanical thumping sound on each jump and the sound of a phone ringing comes from it every few seconds. 
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- You can only restore saved progress that was saved from version 1.0.6 onwards
- We are working to support saving from multiple accounts on a single device in a future version. The current version works well with one account per device or one account across multiple devices.

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