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Monday, 13 April 2015

Leprechaun in Crossy Road ios


How to get: To unlock: play with any of the UK/Ireland characters and pick up the tiny, green clovers that dot the map. Most of these are normal clovers, but you’ll occasionally come across a slightly larger, four-leaf version. The four-leaf clover will make a soft “ding!” sound when picked up, while the regular version just sounds like a leaf rustling. Pick up one four-leaf clover to unlock the Leprechaun.
Traits: Leprechaun runs on the UK/Ireland-themed world described above. He is a tiny character, about 1/3 the size of other humanesque avatars, similar to Schoolgirl. On his runs, coins are highlighted with shiny bubbles floating above them, and they will bounce up and down. Rainbow arches also appear randomly on his stage. Leprechaun makes mumbly gibberish noises similar to Crazy Ol’ Ben.