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Monday, 13 April 2015

Phone Box ( Crossy Road Game )

How to get: To unlock: play with any of the UK/Ireland characters and reach about score 100. This varies, and you may not receive the option to win the Phone Box on every playthrough. Around this point, if Phone Box is available, you should enter a large grass clearing with the Phone Box in the middle of it. It will be ringing. Stand near the Phone Box for a few seconds until it stops ringing and turns to a dial tone, then move on. (Nothing visually happens, but you should still unlock it.) This is similar to how you unlock Gifty from the Christmas update.
Traits: Phone Box runs on the UK/Ireland-themed world described above. It is a red version of the Tardis from Doctor Who. It makes a heavy, mechanical thumping sound on each jump and the sound of a phone ringing comes from it every few seconds. 
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